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Hi, my name is Charlene. I am a 25 year old wife and mother of 3 gorgeous girls. My husband and I have had a really rough year with our jobs. We both do merchandising, and we work for the same company. The begining of the year was great, steady work, running car, things were looking up from the year before when we had to stop our home based business due to sales dropping and eventually stopping all together. At this point everyone I call is telling me there are no funds... they're out. They tell me to call back in a week or so, and once again they're out. Anyway, my husband and I have had to borrow from my parents and his mother to survive this entire past year, and our jobs have not picked back up yet. We have been applying to, and looking for a new job for the past 6 months. Not even McDonalds is hiring here. We tried! There will be no christmas for the kids this year, but for now we have a roof and lights!

If anyone would be willing to pay some of our utility bills (water, power) we would be very greatful! I would not need any cash or checks or anything, you could pay it directly to the company. No tricks! Promise! If we don't get some help soon, our water and power will be cut off by the end of the month, as we still have no work lined up, and our unemployment is still pending (going on 4 weeks now since we applied).

Our wages for October TOGETHER was around 650.00 and for November around 800.00 because we got hired out for a couple days with another company. Rent alone is 500.00 a month. We "made too much" for foodstamps (our case worker was an idiot and we should be getting them any day now, 2 months later after fighting with them for weeks). So food has been gotten from food banks for the most part... lots of MYSTERY cans! LoLĀ 

ANYTHING you might be able to do to help would be a blessing! Thank you for taking the time to read this crazy random message! We need help and prayers desprately!

Charlene Lloyd and Family (Myself and my youngest in pic)

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